About Us

SuperBlockerCorp has been in business since 2006 helping people avoid red light and speed camera tickets that have plagued the U.S. and the rest of the world the past decade. Instead of paying fine after fine now you have a choice to protect yourself from ever parting with your hard earned money. It has taken us several years and various formulations to come out with our best product yet. Proven to work against all red light and speed cameras, and best of all totally undetectable, SuperBlocker Spray is a leader in anti photo fighting technology.

About SuperBlocker Spray

Reformulated for 2015 Camera Changes - avoid outdated imitations!

100% Undetectable to the naked eye!

One application good for lifetime - does not wash off!

SuperBlocker Spray has been developed to protect your license plates from being identified by photo enforcement cameras. This is the only spray available which works fully against all photo radar cameras with a flash. Our proprietary formula will stay on your plate forever and cannot be detected by law enforcement. Do not let them get away with your hard earn money. A quick 30 second application will protect your plates and your wallet for life.

Don't be fooled by other imitation products. This is the only spray proven to work on the latest photo cameras.



  • SuperBlocker Spray

    •   Stops all Photo Enforcement Tickets
    •   Quick application good for multiple license plates
    •   100% Undetectable - Only you know its on
    •   Never worry about photo radar again
    •   Superior to all other anti photo enforcement products
    •   Fast Same-Day shipping to your door